Thursday, July 11, 2019

FlameStudios Guitar Soundfonts in SF2 format.
(updated on 30 Aug 2019)

Good news for guitarists:

Last month I worked on FlameStudios' giga sound fonts.

I will publish these soundfonts one by one every week.

What was done on these soundfonts:

  • Noises and distortions were eliminated.
  • The sample area was narrowed and the size of the soundfonts reduced.
  • Best loop points set.
  • The parameters were reset and optimized.
  • Primarily optimized for The Musescore software.
  • Remaining optimizations for Fluid and BASS synthesizers were performed.
  • Improved sound quality of Soundfonts.
  • A 100MB soundfont has been reduced to 2.5 MB with special techniques.

Each soundfont has its own page with several demo videos or audios that have been played with that soundfont.

Don't blindly download these soundfonts to your computer, without listening to demos. Or don't decide on the sound-fonts by looking at its name or its size. Each one was created with care. And each one has its own unique uses.

Soundfont list:

BrandSpeciesRelease Date
GibsonLes Paul E.Guitar (with 3 demo videos)12 Jul 2019
SeagullSteel String Acoustic Guitar (with 3 demo videos)19 Jul 2019
IbanezElectric Bass Guitar (with 3 demos)26 Jul 2019
IbanezSteel String Acoustic Guitar (with 3 demos)02 Aug 2019
BonusClassical Guitar (with 2 demos) //Not FlameStudios09 Aug 2019
FenderTelecaster E.Guitar (with 4 demos)16 Aug 2019
Kay5 String Banjo (all 4 banks in one demo video)23 Aug 2019
FenderJaguar E.Guitar (with 4 demos)30 Aug 2019

Downloads and Demos:

First of all, we need to thank -Mr. Gary Campion the owner of "FlameStudios"- for these samples. Without his work, we wouldn't have any of these soundfonts.

Here is the general licenses of FS's:

(I forgot to put it in the first release of zips. the zip files renewed )

Downloads and Demos (will be)  placed on separate pages for each instrument.

(optional) If you like, you can thank me by leaving a comment here.

Some people who criticize extra bank patches and do not understand the purpose of these patches are notified: These patches have been consciously added for maintaining Sound Canvas compatibility and for other uses that may be required. In other words, as some think, it is not only added for increase the number of patches. and it certainly isn't added without thinking about what it will be used for! As you can see from the patches in demos, they have many special uses.


  1. Fantastic! When will there be something for the classical guitar too?

    1. Unfortunately, there is no classical guitar in the current Flamestudios series.

      It is also difficult to find a Classic guitar sample set, that is good and free to distribute.
      But I'm going to check my archive for you.
      If I find something I can use and distribute, I'il write it here.

    2. OK.
      This week I will release a Classic Guitar soundfont as a bonus.
      And next soundfonts were pushed forward for a week.
      I hope other people don't get mad at you for this delay.

      (But commenters have priority first) :)

  2. Здравствуйте ждем с нетерпением от Вас Studio Session Band SV Mono 3.2

    1. Я отменил этот проект.
      Один человек предложил четырехзначный платеж.
      Я отдал это.

  3. Good Job,when will there be a Shadow Guitar

    Thank You

  4. Great job! but, no direct input version? (to use external guitar amp plugins like Amplitube or Guitar Rig)

    1. The patches in bank #0 are clean (no effects) versions.

  5. Replies
    1. Google is your friend, why don't you type there and search?