FS-Ibanez-Bass_Guitar-HedSound_version (Re-revised 27 Jul 2019)

Hedsound has made it for you, again: Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar soundfont.

General Midi v1 compatible
GS compatible.

Includes 17 Patches compatible with Sound Canvas 55/88x & Roland midifiles.

Ibanez's sound is always unique. The first bass guitar I played was this brand.
This is a nice sound bank for those who love and miss this beautiful sound.

Listen to the Demos.
Listening to the sound / timbre is the only way to believe what is said about it.

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Demo MP3 -1
(Fingered Bass)

Demo MP3 -2
(Bass Harmonics, Fretless Bass3, Fingered Bass2)

Demo MP3 -3
(Fingered Bass2)

FlameStudios; Ibanez Electric Bass
Hedsound version; Patch List

002033-Ibnz.Jazz Bass
003033-Ibnz.Jazz Bass2
004033-Ibnz.Rock Bass
006033-Ibnz.Fing. -atk
008033-Ibnz.Chrs.Jazz Bass
016033-Finger Bass harmncs
000034Ibnz.Picked Bass
002034Ibnz.Picked Bass2
008034-Ibnz.Muted PckdBass
016034-Pick Bass harmncs
000035Ibnz.Fretless Bass
001035-Ibnz.Frtlss2 -atk
002035-Ibnz.Frtlss3 -chrs
003035-Ibnz.Frtlss4 -spcl
000120Guitar Fret Noise
127127^^-HS Ibnz Bass-^^

Maybe  there is not extreme differences between some patches, but it is adapted to the patches for GM/GS compatibility. 

Nevertheless, these minor differences are necessary. Because it provides maximum adaptation depending on where it is used.


FS Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar-HedSound-SF2 // Universal (3.2 MB)

FS Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar-HedSound-SF3 //for MuseScore (900 kB)

26 July 2019 : Released.
27 July 2019 : There was a mix between acoustic guitar and bass files. Corrected.


  1. Здравствуйте Вы не тот файл на бас гитару выставили

    1. Спасибо большое
      Была путаница между акустической гитарой и басовыми файлами.

  2. Скажите пожалуйста а когда выйдет Studio Session Band SV Mono 3.2 soundfont sf2

    1. Поскольку пресеты взаимосвязаны, я должен проверить их все, когда меняю один.
      Поверь мне, мне это надоело.
      Я делаю последние приготовления. (Я думаю)