Mis-known things that are about soundfonts.

Mis-known things that are about soundfonts.


Until a while ago, I thought the soundfonts were just a file format that contained sound-samples.
When I started making the "Aegean Symphonic Orchestra" (sf2) soundfont, my idea changed radically. Later, when I did the "Salamander-C5 Lite" soundfont, I had a better understanding of the soundfont parameters.

Soundfont files itself contains many parameters except samples. And these parameters directly affect the type and form of sound. When you read this sentence, I can imagine that what comes to your mind is: "a little change of sound".
But No!; there is much more than that.

Do you know why it is called a synthesizer these software?
Why can't they just be called soundfont-players? Because these software change the sound, according to the soundfont parameters! So they're really a synthesizer.

Some readers don't believe me right now. Some of them already know that it really is.

I make a claim about it: with a soundfont containing only one sample,

I'm going to make 5 different instruments.
And each of them will be different!

By the way: I have to say that the soundfont will only be 14 kB (kilobyte) in length.

In the second part of this article:

Sine Wave

You'll be able to test it yourself this soundfont.
I'll add a sample-video and sample-soundfont to this page.
So, everyone will download and test the soundfont.

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You see that it contains only one sample.

Demo Videos







Effect-1: Ambulance 

Effect-2: Working Computers


Only one sample: with 5 different instruments and 2 effects.

Download: one-sample-HedSounds soundfont.sf2. only 14k(!)

You might be wondering: "What is the sample in this soundfont where you create 5 instruments?".
Answer: A simple sine-wave.

Soundfont source in Polyphone:

a Simple sine-wave