Sunday, May 19, 2019

Salamander-C5-v3-ME.sf2 Piano Soundfont sf2 and sf3 versions (RELEASED - Update2: MR Layers)

Salamander C5 ME Soundfont-version3

In other words: Ugly Baby Lizard

Bonus, Gold and Platinum Patches is included!


The Salamander C5 Piano Soundonft is a soundfont that has a graceful sound that everyone knows well.

I have previously published a light version of this soundfont (Salamander C5 Lite v2 - 25MB). Salamander's original format is sFz. (The sFz version is approx.: 1.12 Gigabytes ).

As a result of my work on the Salamander's sample-files and sf2 parameters, I decided to offer you an more enhanced version of this sound bank.

a Sample Video

Salamander-C5-v3-ME Soundfont 
Demo-1 (Bank 0, Preset0)

Patch List:

BankMain PatchExplanation
000:0Salamander Grand C5Main Preset, Original Sound; For use with the Classical Music Orchestra (eg: for Sonatas, Concertos).

BankEnhanced PatchesExplanation
001:0Sal.Pop PianoThin Sound; When used in combination with Pop-Music instruments, the piano tone becomes more audible.
002:0Sal.Rich PianoMain Preset, Very Rich Sound; Ideal for playing solo piano music.
007:0Sal.Tack'd Hammer Thinner Sound; It used to be used in music studios to get a sound similar to the electric piano sound.
008:0Sal&Sons 1948 consolIf The Salamander-Grand was a old Console-Piano, how would it sound?
009:0Sal&Fils 1832 consolIf The Salamander-Grand was a oldest Console-Piano, how would it sound now?
011:0Sal.HarpsiGrandSemi Piano, Semi Harpsichord.
014:0Sal.HarpsiGr. coupldSame as above, but coupled with octave.
015:0Sal.ClaviGrandSalamander Semi Clavinet
016:0Salty-Tonk -viscousa Honky-Tonk version of the Salamander C5 Grand Piano.

BankBonus Patches:for Solo lovers.
032:0Sal.Oct.Solo1Doubled 1st octave (up); Useful for using a melodic instrument [not for accompaniment].
033:0Sal.Oct.Solo2Doubled 2nd octave (up); same as above.
040:0Sal.FlanChorusSome kind of studio effect. Useful for experimental solo projects.
041:0Sal.BowedBowed effect. Useful for experimental solo projects.

BankGold PatchesSpecial patches for enthusiasts.
048:0Sal.SR1Piano +(piano-strings's) Sympathetic Resonance(s) at end.
049:0Sal.SR2Same as above
050:0Sal.SR3Same as above
051:0Sal.SR12Same as above
052:0Sal.SR23Same as above
053:0Sal.SR13Same as above
054:0Sal.SR123Same as above

BankPlatinum Patchesfor Stereo lovers
100:0Sal.Gr.PanoramaThe panoramic effect is adjusted to how the player heard when playing the piano.
101:0Sal.Pop PanoramaSame as above
102:0Sal.Rich PanoramaSame as above
103:0Sal.Hrps.Gr.Pano.Same as above
104:0Sal.Hrps.Gr-cpd P.Same as above
105:0Sal.ClvGr. Pano.Same as above

BankFinal MarkExplanation
127:0^-End of SalC5 HED-^Wah-wah Effect

Please Note: Don't worry that the size of this soundfont is relatively small. The sound quality is high due to the advanced techniques used to create this sound-font.

  • Since the loop is used in the last parts of the samples, the sample sizes are reduced.
  • Samples are 44.1kHz, 16bit quality.
  • Although it looks like it is made up of a single layer, thanks to the techniques used, the sound response is at the level of 127 layers!

Please try it!


Download High Quality SF2 Version. (uncompressed size: 10.3MB) : 

Download High Quality Compressed SF3 version: (uncompressed size: 2.7MB) : 

Download Patch List: 

 Update! (for request) : More Responsive Layers 

Some friends said that the sounds of the previous version (Lite v2) are more varied in dynamics; And  they are right.
In the Lite version, I really wanted the sounds to change more in the dynamics and adjusted them accordingly. In v3 version I used standard soundfont response instead; Apparently this is not enough :)
The MR (More Responsive) version that you can download from below. I hope the dynamic/layer-lovers like it.

Download HQ More Responsive SF2 Version. (uncompressed size: 10.3MB) : 

Download HQ Compressed More Responsive SF3 version: (uncompressed size: 2.7MB) : 

Patch List is same. Download from above.


  1. Thanks for the amazing soundfonts. I am new in synthesized music, may I know how to make the piano sound more "light", and not sounded like it is played hard.

    1. One solution might be to use lower velocity and turn the volume up from the mixer.
      In terms of parameters, it is necessary to use modulators. But this is done during soundfont production and with soundfont editing software and requires a certain infrastructure and knowledge.

  2. Gracias por tu trabajo. Un sonido de calidad para las necesidades musicales en Linux!