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Salamander-C5-v3-ME.sf2 Piano Soundfont sf2 and sf3 versions (RELEASED - Update2: MR Layers)

Salamander C5 ME Soundfont-version3

Bonus, Gold and Platinum Patches is included!


The Salamander C5 Piano Soundonft is a soundfont that has a graceful sound that everyone knows well.

I have previously published a light version of this soundfont (Salamander C5 Lite v2 - 25MB). Salamander's original format is sFz. (The sFz version is approx.: 1.12 Gigabytes ).

As a result of my work on the Salamander's sample-files and sf2 parameters, I decided to offer you an more enhanced version of this sound bank.

a Sample Video

Salamander-C5-v3-ME Soundfont 
Demo-1 (Bank 0, Preset0)

Patch List:

BankMain PatchExplanation
000:0Salamander Grand C5Main Preset, Original Sound; For use with the Classical Music Orchestra (eg: for Sonatas, Concertos).

BankEnhanced PatchesExplanation
001:0Sal.Pop PianoThin Sound; When used in combination with Pop-Music instruments, the piano tone becomes more audible.
002:0Sal.Rich PianoMain Preset, Very Rich Sound; Ideal for playing solo piano music.
007:0Sal.Tack'd Hammer Thinner Sound; It used to be used in music studios to get a sound similar to the electric piano sound.
008:0Sal&Sons 1948 consolIf The Salamander-Grand was a old Console-Piano, how would it sound?
009:0Sal&Fils 1832 consolIf The Salamander-Grand was a oldest Console-Piano, how would it sound now?
011:0Sal.HarpsiGrandSemi Piano, Semi Harpsichord.
014:0Sal.HarpsiGr. coupldSame as above, but coupled with octave.
015:0Sal.ClaviGrandSalamander Semi Clavinet
016:0Salty-Tonk -viscousa Honky-Tonk version of the Salamander C5 Grand Piano.

BankBonus Patches:for Solo lovers.
032:0Sal.Oct.Solo1Doubled 1st octave (up); Useful for using a melodic instrument [not for accompaniment].
033:0Sal.Oct.Solo2Doubled 2nd octave (up); same as above.
040:0Sal.FlanChorusSome kind of studio effect. Useful for experimental solo projects.
041:0Sal.BowedBowed effect. Useful for experimental solo projects.

BankGold PatchesSpecial patches for enthusiasts.
048:0Sal.SR1Piano +(piano-strings's) Sympathetic Resonance(s) at end.
049:0Sal.SR2Same as above
050:0Sal.SR3Same as above
051:0Sal.SR12Same as above
052:0Sal.SR23Same as above
053:0Sal.SR13Same as above
054:0Sal.SR123Same as above

BankPlatinum Patchesfor Stereo lovers
100:0Sal.Gr.PanoramaThe panoramic effect is adjusted to how the player heard when playing the piano.
101:0Sal.Pop PanoramaSame as above
102:0Sal.Rich PanoramaSame as above
103:0Sal.Hrps.Gr.Pano.Same as above
104:0Sal.Hrps.Gr-cpd P.Same as above
105:0Sal.ClvGr. Pano.Same as above

BankFinal MarkExplanation
127:0^-End of SalC5 HED-^Wah-wah Effect

Attention Please: If I get enough acclaims and comments, I can offer you a larger version with the original non-looped samples. 48kHz 24bit! (with all 28 instruments).
Please Note: Don't worry that the size of this soundfont is relatively small. The sound quality is high due to the advanced techniques used to create this sound-font.

  • Since the loop is used in the last parts of the samples, the sample sizes are reduced.
  • Samples are 44.1kHz, 16bit quality.
  • Although it looks like it is made up of a single layer, thanks to the techniques used, the sound response is at the level of 127 layers!

Please try it!


Download High Quality SF2 Version. (uncompressed size: 10.3MB) : 

Download High Quality Compressed SF3 version: (uncompressed size: 2.7MB) : 

Download Patch List: 

 Update! (for request) : More Responsive Layers 

Some friends said that the sounds of the previous version (Lite v2) are more varied in dynamics; And  they are right.
In the Lite version, I really wanted the sounds to change more in the dynamics and adjusted them accordingly. In v3 version I used standard soundfont response instead; Apparently this is not enough :)
The MR (More Responsive) version that you can download from below. I hope the dynamic/layer-lovers like it.

Download HQ More Responsive SF2 Version. (uncompressed size: 10.3MB) : 

Download HQ Compressed More Responsive SF3 version: (uncompressed size: 2.7MB) : 

Patch List is same. Download from above.

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  1. Thanks for the amazing soundfonts. I am new in synthesized music, may I know how to make the piano sound more "light", and not sounded like it is played hard.