Attenuation values ​​(dB) in a Soundfont (SF2, SF3) (Sept 03 2019 -a Test tone and a Video were added)

What should be the attenuation values ​​of the Instrument and Preset parts in Soundfont?

Try searching this question on the Internet, you won't find anything.
But you're lucky I'm here!

First: you need two tools. (And I'm hoping that if you're reading this article, one of them already exists on your computer) :

  1. Polyphone (If you do not already have this tool installed on your computer, you do not need to read this article)
  2. Orban Loudness Meter: Download from here
  3. Optional: In order to use the "Orban loudness meter" more easily, you will need "VB Audio Virtual Cable" software.

First of all, we should look at the initial state of sample: if wavelength does not have enough amplitude

In "Tools => Sample => Change Volume" we can fix the sample by setting "98% dB".

Secondly, we should set the sample attenuation value to the Instrument section.

This setting should appear as "-6"  in the "Reconstructed Peak" section of Orban.
You must change the numbers in the attenuation section until you find this level.
Note: The two mark-line intervals in Orban corresponds to the "2.5" attenuation value in Polyphone.
Note2: You can see the maximum "-4" level for a higher level.

And finally, if you look at the Preset section: here you must also have an absolute value of  "-9".
You must equalize the level by giving an attenuation value between "7.5" and "12.5"
Note: The two mark-line intervals in Orban corresponds to the "2.5" attenuation value in Polyphone.

Good luck for your works.

Here's a special Hedsound-Test-Tone-Soundfont for you: // 1kHz; tuned to (B5); pre adusted.

Introductory Video Showing Hedsound's Test Tone Levels.
(Watch in full screen to see the details)
(In full screen, you can adjust the quality by clicking the wheel-icon at the bottom right.)

*Notice: The Viena soundfont editing software, also works like the Polyphone software. Only the use is a little different. If your habit is to use the Viena software, you can easily apply the examples here to the Viena software. The terms used in both software are the same one and only the menu and operation screens are different.

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