Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ukulele-Hedsound sf2 sf3

Ukulele Hedsound sf2 and sf3

HedSound offers you another beautiful instrument: Ukulele.

Prepared on the samples of "no-budget-band" and the parameters were carefully adjusted.
It is completely free and free to use in any condition.

This Ukulele soundfont includes 4 different presets for you to use according to your choice and taste.
I tried to do my best with these free samples. I hope you will like it.

Patch List
| Bank |Preset |  Name          | Description  |
| 008  | 024   | -Ukulele streo |   Stereo     |
| 009  | 024   | -Ukulele mono  |    Mono      |
| 010  | 024   | -Ukulele chrs  | Chorus Eff.  |
| 011  | 024   | -Ukulele flngr | Flanger Eff. |

Please Note: Don't worry that the size of this soundfont is relatively small. The sound quality is high due to the advanced techniques used to create this sound-font.

Sound Demo
Wasureji no Kotonoha - Grimm Notes- (Ukulele Ver)
Arranged by Myuna - link
00:00 Stereo; 00:33 Mono; 01:06 Chorus; 01:40 Flanger; 02:12 Stereo.

Ukulele - HedSound Version Download: //sf3 format (sf3 size:0.5MB); Free //sf2 format (sf2 size:1.8MB); Free

Some minor corrections. 2019/06/12; 06:54


  1. Good for duets and solos.
    For the ukulele orchestra you need a bigger and different soundfont. For such a Ukulele group: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass ukulele should be used.
    Unfortunately, these options are not currently available.

  2. Is it possble to get a soundfont for an octave ukulele (GCEA tuned one octave lower than the standard tuning)?