Friday, March 27, 2020

Classical Guitar 'Ichiyanagi' - Custom Soundfont (updated / v1_03)

one of the "Ichiyanagi Classical Guitar" models.
We are happy to present you this special guitar with its own warm and flowing sound.

You can use the soundfont of this beautiful guitar as both solo and accompaniment or background instrument.

  • General Midi v1 compatible
  • GS compatible.
  • Includes 17 Patches (normal, vibrato, legato, vibrato+legato, Palm-mute, harmonics and 12-string guitar effects)
  • Musescore compatible (with KY-instruments2_1.xml)
  • additional "demo" songs are included in the zip files.

Mr. Kazuma YamamotoIt all started with my participation in a topic that Mr. Kazuma Yamamoto started on the Musescore forum. Later, this participation ultimately resulted in making this beautiful soundfont.

His effort and diligence in his sample recording phase also increased my interest in this soundfont and the master luthier who made this guitar. Below you can read some information about luthier I have collected from the Internet.

About Luthier:

Kazuo Ichiyanagi is one of the best luthiers in Japan.

When Master Kazuo Ichiyanagi was working at the "Fernandes" guitar factory in the early period (1970's), his guitars were also highly respected and sold at very high prices. Do You remember "Fernandes Takamine" or "Fernandes Classical Concert Guitars?

He founded his own workshop in the late 1970s. Later, they worked (as a father and son) for with the participation of his son Kunihiko in the workshop. And they still work together and continue their successful custom guitar production.

Master Luthier Kazuo Ichiyanagi has developed a special woodworking technique that increases the vibration ability of wood by 40%. Two wooden boards are bonded with formaldehyde at the cellular level and become a single, strong structure. The commercial name of this processed wood is “Super Wood”(1). These guitars produce sweet and clean notes with a good balance between high and low notes.

(1) This has nothing to do with laminate, which is just two plates glued together.

Listen to the Demos. Listening to the sound / timbre  is the only way to believe what is said about it.

Classical Guitar - Ichiyanagi - Custom Soundfont; Demos

Demo-1 (Sequenced) Nylon Guitar S458
Patch= 0:24

(Live) David  (Short verion)
(Sequenced & Freely Played by Massimo Morrone).
Melody patch= 1:24, Chord Patch= 0:24



Classical Guitar - Ichiyanagi -HedSound - SF2 // Universal (12 Mb) zipped

Classical Guitar - Ichiyanagi - HedSound - SF3 // for MuseScore (6.51 Mb) zipped

(New) April 05, 2020 : v1_03;
a) small corrections.
b) by decreasing the levels of the samples, losses that may occur in sf3 were prevented.
c) all attenuation values was re-adjusted to maintain the volume level.

(Old) March 27, 2020 : Released (v1_02)
Notice: Some samples are corrupted in the "SF3"version of the previous v1_02 due to a problem caused by the export module of the soundfont editor (there are some dropouts).
This issue didn't affect the SF2 version of v1_02.


Creative Commons License
Exception: Works arising from the use of Soundont as a tool are excluded. (like: Musical woks exported as audio and/or video). The user can freely use them.

Patch List:
Classical Guitar - Ichiyanagi - Custom

000024Cl.Guitar IchiyanagiNatural Tone. *(GS:"Nylon-str.Gt")
001024Cl.Guitar vibwith vibrato
002024Cl.Guitar leglegato effect 
003024Cl.Guitar leg+vibvibrato + legato
004024Cl.Guitar mutedPalm muted
005024Cl.Gt. 12Str oct-up12 string ver:1 // for Chords & Accompaniment
006024Cl.Gt. 12Str oct-dn12 string ver:2 // for Chords & Acc.
008024Cl.Guitar2 (hi)Modified Tone. *(GS:"Ukulele")
009024Cl.Guitar2 vibwith vibrato
010024Cl.Guitar2 leglegato effect 
011024Cl.Guitar2 leg+vibvibrato + legato
012024Cl.Guitar2 mutedPalm muted
014024Cl.Gt. 12Str2 oct-up12 string2 ver:1 // for Chords & Acc.
015024Cl.Gt. 12Str2 oct-dn12 string2 ver:2 // for Chords & Acc.
016024Cl.Guitar open_strOpen String tone. *(GS:"Nylon Gt.o")
024024Cl.Guitar HarmonicsNatural Harmonics. *(GS:"Velo Harmnix")
025024Cl.Guitar2 HarmonicsModified Harmonics
127127^-CG-Ichi-HedSound-^ -separator- //no Sound

Notice: Other than the first patch, others aren't GM compatible, and possibly fallback to 0:24 (Nylon Guitar) patch in other sountfonts. GS compatible ones are marked with asterisk (*) and indicated in the "Info" section, in parentheses.

Note: A soundfont may not accurately/completely reflect the true sound and timbre of this beautiful guitar, but I think this work is successful at least eighty-five percent. And the remaining fifteen percent can be heard when performed live.

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