To make a balanced instrument/preset from samples with unbalanced volume lines.

Samples with unbalanced volume lines.

"With very short narration."

Samples you use sometimes may be unstable.
The imbalance in the middle of the samples is not very important.
But from the head of some samples, it takes some time to reach the full height of the volume.
Is it possible to use the head of the sample and reach the peak immediately?

Unbalanced Sample

Yes it is possible.
There are two ways of doing this;

First way: Using a 'wav' editor, it is to cut the portion at the head of the sample; a 500~600 ms (about half a second) is enough.
And cut the other portion just before the loop to end.  a 500~600 ms (about half a second) is enough too.
So there are two separate samples as start and loop part. If you add two suffixes "-st" and "-sus" at the end, it is easy to use. (Don't forget to "normalize" these samples!)

Starting "-st" Sample
(At the end of the sample you must place a fade-out effect)

Sustain "-sus" Sample

Repeat this procedure for other samples of the instrument.


Second way: Create a new instrument with the same name and add "-st" to the end of the name.
Make sure that this instrument starts and ends immediately.
eg: Vol env decay: "0.500", Vol env sustain: "144", Vol env release: "0.300".

Now return to the first instrument:

Set the "Sample start offset" parameter to a little before the loop point.
for example: If the "Loop" point starts at "25000", you should type "24000 ~ 24500" in the "Sample start offset" section. (need some trial and error).
And increase the "Vol env attack" parameter "0.500" will be a good starting point.

for Both Procedures:
Now ensure that both instruments are in the same "preset".

Instrument and Preset

Volume Adjust (Attenuation) on Preset

If you're lucky, you have a nice instrument with beautiful start (attack) and loop (sustain) sections.
If not, play with the parameters (subtract or increase) and correct it.

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