Make your music arrangement more interesting! (4 Parts)

There is not only theoretical advice, like other web pages and sites,
But, here are real and applied methods.

Watch the Video (Music Series #1)
Accompaniment: Adding Instruments.

Which combination do you like more?
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Watch the Video (Music Series #2)
Virtual Melody, Alternatives.

Watch the Video (Music Series #3)
Changing Instruments, Alternatives.

Watch the Video (Music Series #4)
Changing Harmonies & Accompaniment.

The examples in this article were prepared with the free Musescore note writing (engraving) software .
You can do this easily with  the Sibelius, Finale and Encore.
I'll add "musicxml" versions of the examples here soon.
Thus, you can import and review them into the note-writing (engraving) software you use.


  1. Part 1: Accompaniment; Adding Instruments added.

  2. Part 2: Virtual Melody, Alternatives; added

  3. Part 3: Changing Instruments, Alternatives; added.

  4. Part 4: Changing Harmonies & Accompaniment; Added.