Friday, May 24, 2019

Pro7use-GM-HEDSounds soundfont (Basic version is Released)

HEDSounds Pro7use-GM Professional Soundfont

Basic version is released.
Currently at the preparation stage.
Updates is inside...

Basic Version - Demo-1 Video

Basic Version - Demo-2 MP3 
Beethoven Pastoral symphony 1st Mvt.;
Played with the Musescore, with Pro7use GM soundfont!.

Basic Version - Demo-3 MP3 
Edvard Grieg; I Dovregubbens Hall (In the Hall of the Mountain King);
Played with the Musescore, with Pro7use GM soundfont.

Please Note: Don't worry that the size of this soundfont is relatively small. The sound quality is high due to the advanced techniques used to create this sound-font.

  • Since the loop is used in the last parts of the samples, the sample sizes are reduced.
  • Samples are 44.1kHz, 16bit quality.
  • 70's classic pop-jazz and fusion sounds.
  • Classic Music Instruments.
  • Electric Organs, Guitars and Basses.
  • Synth Sounds and Effects.
  • According to a soundfont of this size, you will not believe the quality of the sounds.
  • 128 patches & 8 Drumkits (General MIDI Instrument list is included in zip file).
  • The instrument balances are adjusted according to the response of the Musescore software.
  • Please comment. (On the Musescore forum or on this page.)

According to the number of comments, I will also publish the GM+ and GS versions of this soundfont (The GM+ version is ready, working on the GS version).

HedSoundsPro7use-Basic-GM version Download (Jun 17 2019):  //in sf3 format (4.8 MB); Free for Personal use.  //in sf2 format (12 MB); Free for Personal use.

If you want to support E'MU, please visit Their Website. They sell very nice headphones.

May 28 2019 00:25 : "SoloVox"; Tuning error corrected.  
May 28 2019 00:39 : "Brightness"; Tuning error corrected.  
May 28 2019 01:28 : "5th Wave" is missing; Added. Pls. Download again. 
Jun 17 2019 13:25 : "Charang"; Tuning error corrected. 

Old Updates are below:

2019, May 11 update:

I'm preparing a GM compatible soundfont from Proteus presets.
GM compliance is important !. Because when you work with Musescore and other software (Sibelius, Finale, Encore, Cubase Score and others), you don't want to have any confusion about the location of the voices (Standard Patch Mapping).

2019, May 11 update-2:

According to my own review, Proteus isn't Pro too much. :)
The sound quality of the original module is indisputable. However, it is not possible to create the same quality for the soundfont version. Since creators work with limited parameters in the SF2 field, our range of options is not wide enough. Most of the time I catch myself, looking for a non-existent parameter. :/

2019, May 12 update:

In this case (see previous update) ,  I decided to rely on samples from Proteus VA's (free software) Composer-X bank. I've read all the PDF documents and I've searched every part of the software. I didn't find any sign of any kind of license. Of course it doesn't say anything about the Public Domain.

I will use this way to keep the sound bank as small as possible.
If I get any warning from E'MU in the future, I will do this soundfont again by sampling the samples from VSTi to computer's line-out. No one can stop me from doing this. (But the soundfont could have increased by five times as much as megabytes :/ )

And I'm not doing any damage to the firm, since I'm going to release to the soundfont's low-quality version (and only available with the Musescore software). (".sf3" format can only be used by the Musescore software)

When Soundfont is released, I'll also link to the E'MU's page on the same page. So you can go and install the free version of Proteus VA. Recognize other E'MU products. And they can even buy other products of the company. Moreover, I do not receive any advertising and promotion fee as well :) for more info: E'MU Official Page is here.

2019, May 16 update:

Beta version Demo Video.

Pro7use GM/GS Beta Demo

Pro7use GM/GS Beta Demo-2 (2019 May 17)

It will be published very soon.

2019, May 16 update-2:

I sent e-mail to E'Mu and asked for permission.
So, what did they do, let's see?
You no longer have access to the emu page under from the internet ( Instead, it now leads (redirects) you to "" address, which sells headphones. :)
I wish I hadn't sent them an e-mail. 🤐
Nevertheless, if you want to support them (not me!), you can buy them from their wooden headphones. (The link to the "EMU" site is above.) But I must say they are a little expensive.

Pro7use GM/GS Beta Demo-3 (2019 May 18)
Torna Sorrento (MuseScore)

2019, May 20 (22:56) update-1:

We're very close to finishing the job.
Unexpected last moment changes needed to be done.
Work is in progress.

2019, May 24 (01:36) update-1:

I'm trying to complete some missing instruments.
In the meantime, I need to open a new page for Pro7use-GM.
I'm trying to complete some missing instruments.

2019, May 27 update-1:

Basic Gm version is released.


  1. The step-brother of the old Proteus-1 and Proteus-2 sound modules.

  2. please release an sf2 version!

  3. Nice I love this sound of the Proteus 2 sample of instruments and I do actually love this thank you and it makes me so relaxing with the classic sounds. 100% :)

    1. I added it, but I didn't announce it, you can download it.

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