Tuesday, April 30, 2019

MouthDrumming .sf2 .sf3 (Alpha Release)

I started a new project: Mouth drumming (not Beatboxing).

Basically, it consists of mimicking the drum instrument with the mouth of a normal person.

But I don't want it to be a complete imitation.
Because it must be clear that this is human. Otherwise there is no difference from any drum kit.

This soundfont will be ready soon.

Alpha Release:

Download: HumanDrum-v2_alpha-01 (759k zipped, 886k sf2)


If you have your own samples, you can send it to me. (upload it somewhere and give me the link)

Required samples 

We just need the basic drum set.
  1. Bass Drum 1 and 2 (Lo, Normal)
  2. Snare1 and 2 (Normal and Hi)
  3. Rim
  4. Clap
  5. Hi-hat closed
  6. Hi-hat foot
  7. Hi-hat open
  8. Toms (2 samples is enough; one for bass, one for mid.)
  9. Crash (if possible: 2 samples)
  10. Ride  (if possible: 2 samples)
  11. Tambourine

They can all be in a single wav file.
Wait at least 2 seconds between them: Dup, [wait 2 sec.], Ta, [wait 2 sec.], ... etc.
A little noise is not a problem, I can fix it.

If there are more than one set, I will sort them into Kit 1, Kit 2, etc.
If you want, you can also request to be sorted by your own name. For example: "Joe Smithson's Set".

Alpha Demo

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